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JuicyFields is a company that introduces visitors to its platform
crowdgrowing with medical marijuana that connects people with licensed producers and distributors from around the world. This revolutionary system harnesses the power of partnership in commercial cultivation, maintaining economic benefits at the community level so that the chain of exchanging money and payouts does not lose its value. This allows producers to expand their business so that the end product is cheaper, of better quality and more suited to the market needs. This allows new e-growers to enter the market with less risk, removing the usual barriers to entry for licensing, the costs of expertise, research, cultivation and distribution.

How to start a crowdgrowing with JuicyFields and become an eGrower?
Become an e-grower in 5 easy steps:

Create a free account to access the platform.

Select the category and quantity of plants you want to buy.

Choose the payment method that suits you best: bank transfer or cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum or Tether.

Our experts will grow plants for you. You will be able to follow the evolution on the platform without having to touch the plant.

Once the plant has been harvested and packed, you will receive the initial contribution and the profits generated to your account.

During WeedFest, our advisors will answer all your questions and
will help you take the first steps in this industry.

Main Partners

RooR Main Partner

ROOR: a brand created with passion
As a professional glassblower Martin Birzle wanted to transfer his skills to the high-end, glass pipe smoking market. So, in the early 1990s, he created the famous brand ROOR.

ROOR’s new challenge
In 2021, after shaking up the high-end glass pipe smoking market, ROOR, in search of a new challenge, decided to launch its own range of rolling papers.

The team used its passion and years of experience to develop new rolling papers that will continued the brand’s history of innovation and outstanding products.

The consumer experience is crucial for ROOR
ROOR aims to offer high-quality products which provide the best smoking experience possible. Just as with its pipes, ROOR’s rolling papers are superior in various aspects:

The quality: ROOR’s rolling papers contain sustainable, natural, and carefully selected elements.
The innovation: ROOR’s rolling papers use CBD-infused gum developed with an exclusive patented technology.
The manufacturing: ROOR has a history of excellence in the manufacturing of high-quality products.

For more info check their website:

OCB Main Partner

The first OCB paper factory was established in 1822. With the appearance of fashion for cigarettes in France in 1917, the production of tissue papers was launched. Since then, OCB has been supplying consumers around the world with high-quality tissue papers, filters and accessories that facilitate the rolling of cigarettes.
OCB is a brand which creates its products "in harmony with nature".

All tissue papers are made from renewable fibers such as wood, linen, bamboo or hemp. OCB uses only natural gums - arabic and acacia gum. The products are ideal for vegans and are GMO-free.
The packaging products come from recycled materials and are printed with the use of plant-based inks.

For more info check their website:

Dym.pl Main Partner

Dym.pl online shop offers a wide range of tobacco accessories, e-category products and gift ideas. Are you an enthusiast of traditional pipes? You will find real gems in our shop. Our assortment also includes elegant cigar accessories, thanks to which the ritual of lighting up a cigar will be a pure pleasure. Many water pipes, shisha pipes for one or two hoses, in fancy shapes and bongs from the simplest to equipped with percolators or diffusers responsible for filtration. All the accessories for dried leaves, such as vaporizers, tissue papers, grinders or electronic scales.

A wide range of premixes and e-cigarette liquids appearing in aromas desired by Vapers. Designer Zippo lighters and from many other brands, cigarette cases with an original pattern or sophisticated hip flasks are the perfect gift idea for every smoke enthusiast.

In addition to a wide range of products, we guarantee a fast order processing, professional customer service and attractive offers!

For more info check their website:


Dym.pl Main Partner

WEEDNEWS.PL is a reliable source of knowledge on all hemp and hemp-related topics. The latest news from the world of recreational marijuana, medical marijuana, cultivation, as well as news from the world of politics, law, business and hemp - this and much more can be found at WEEDNEWS.PL.
The portal is created by people associated with the cannabis industry and culture for over a decade.

The mission of WEEDNEWS.PL is to provide the latest and reliable information from the hemp world, hemp education and a high-level daily hemp knowledge base for everyone who needs it.

For more info check their website:

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From 2020, the WeedFest Warsaw Festival is a new place on the festival map of Warsaw, where you will find many attractions related to cannabis. The 3rd edition will be full of even more positive energy! Come and see for yourself! You will definitely not regret it!


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