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WeeCandle is a modern and dynamic company specializing in the production of scented soy candles. The company prioritizes the use of natural and environmentally friendly ingredients, including soy wax and hemp seeds. Because the candles are made from natural ingredients, they are safe for the environment and our health.
WeeCandle launched in May 2021 and made a big impact on the market from the very beginning. The company debuted at the WeedFest Warsaw 2021, where it presented its first collection of scented soy candles. Since then, the company has greatly expanded its product line, adding many new products, including aromatherapy candles.
WeeCandle soy candles are a perfect blend of nature and art. Each candle is handcrafted, ensuring the highest quality and attention to detail. The soy wax used to make the candles is GMO-free and comes from organic farming, providing the best ingredients for our health and the environment. The hemp seeds added to the candles support aromatherapy and add additional health benefits.
WeeCandle offers a wide range of scents, including fruity, floral, spicy, and herbal. Each scent is carefully selected and composed to provide the best fragrance experience. The fragrance compositions have an IFRA certification, and the fragrances are not tested on animals. All of this makes WeeCandle candles unique and one-of-a-kind.

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We invite everyone to familiarize themselves with the activity of the Carenabis medical clinic. We have the exact knowledge and experience necessary to conduct therapy with the use of medical marijuana. Thanks to this, we will precisely select the therapy best suited to the patient's needs. Each of our patients is assigned a carer who provides information on the course of the therapy and provides support at every stage of the treatment. The role of the carer is to guarantee optimal comfort to our patients, as well as to ensure safety and effectiveness of the treatment through proper implementation of medical recommendations.
Since medical marijuana gained popularity in Poland in 2018, our doctors have implemented it in supporting treatments with very good results.
Medical marijuana treatment is appropriate for people with:
- Cancer pains,
- Depression,
- Anorexia and cachexia,
- Multiple sclerosis,
- Epilepsy,
- Neurological diseases,
- Gastrointestinal diseases,
- Stress-related problems,
- Sleep disorders.
We invite you to book an online consultation with "weedfest" code.

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WEEDNEWS.PL is a reliable source of knowledge on all hemp and hemp-related topics. The latest news from the world of recreational marijuana, medical marijuana, cultivation, as well as news from the world of politics, law, business and hemp - this and much more can be found at WEEDNEWS.PL.
The portal is created by people associated with the cannabis industry and culture for over a decade.
The mission of WEEDNEWS.PL is to provide the latest and reliable information from the hemp world, hemp education and a high-level daily hemp knowledge base for everyone who needs it.

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Cannastocks.io is your central source for information and collaboration in the cannabis industry! Our mission is to unite businesses, suppliers, retail shops and medical cannabis clinic patients in one place to facilitate communication, collaboration and growth in the marketplace.

Cannastocks.io is a platform that:

Brings together cannabis-related businesses - from cultivation to processing to sales and distribution. You can find a wide range of business partners in our directory who can help you grow your business.

Enables networking - through our community, industry experts, investors and other interested parties can meet, talk and work together on innovative projects.

Facilitates the exchange of information - our platform offers features to quickly share documentation, market data and current trends. Stay up to date with the latest industry news and guide your company towards success.

Helps promote your brand - by participating in our community, businesses can gain new customers, increase their brand recognition and create lasting business relationships with both retail shop customers and medical marijuana clinic patients.

Join Cannastocks.io today and start using our services to help your business thrive in the dynamic and competitive world of the cannabis industry. Together, we can contribute to the growth and prosperity of the entire market.

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