Poznaj dotychczasowych prelegentów

Prelegent na WeedFest w strefie EduZone - Albert Długoszewski

Albert Długoszewski

Over 10 years experience in online media, social media, video production. Regular attendee of the Cannabis Liberation March. Believes that proper education and initiatives will change the perception of cannabis in both the media and society.

Prelegent na WeedFest w strefie EduZone - Alicja Michałowska

Alicja Michałowska

Lawyer working at the firm Centrum Prawa Żywnościowego, which focuses on legal assistance to food entrepreneurs, including the cannabis market. Unlike typical legal services, they specialise in food law and related areas by combining modern and effective legal assistance with expertise.

Prelegent na WeedFest w strefie EduZone - Bartłomiej Zalewa

mgr farm. Bartłomiej Zalewa

"Hemp Pharmacist" - graduate of the Silesian Medical University in Katowice,

- coordinator of the Premium-Lek Pharmacy chain,

- manager of Premium-Lek Pharmacy, 8 Misjonarzy Oblatów Street.

- specialist of pharmacy recipe with the use of raw material Cannabis Sativa L

- co-owner and scientific consultant of the hemp clinic KonopnyMed.

Prelegent na WeedFest w strefie EduZone - Beata Martin Voces

Beata Martin Voces

Clinical pharmacist, specialist in cannabis medicine. Graduate of the Faculty of Pharmacy at the Claude Bernard I University in Lyon. Passionate clinical pharmacist specialising in holistic medicine, clinical research coordinator and internal auditor for Pharmaceutical Law.

Prelegent na WeedFest w strefie EduZone - Boniface Dube

Boniface Dube

An entrepreneur who has had a hand in several start-ups in cannabis, technology, agribusiness, mining, finance and professional services. He is a senior partner at Create Africa Capital, a South Africa-based investment and financial advisory firm with projects in the SADC region.

Prelegent na WeedFest w strefie EduZone - Damian Makowczyński

Damian Makowczyński

Entrepreneur for 21 years, owner of the HEMP CREATOR brand, involved in hemp farming as a producer and processor of hemp in the Silesian and Łódź Voivodeships, which he has dealt with for 5 years, graduate of the Agricultural University in Kraków, founder and President of the Association of Producers of Hemp under Cover since March 2020. Activist, community worker, philanthropist.

Prelegent na WeedFest w strefie EduZone - Iwona Tomza

mgr Iwona Tomza

Director of the newly opened innovation laboratory Panaxi Polska. Process owner at Cannateka, which focuses on patient education in medical cannabis therapy. He builds on over 12 years of knowledge gained by its Israeli sister company, Panaxia Pharmaceuticals Industries.

Prelegent na WeedFest w strefie EduZone - IZABELA RUTKOWSKA

dr Izabela Rutkowska-Włodarczyk

Head of the Cannabis Quality Control Laboratory

Physicist, PhD in biology, with many years of experience in analytical chemistry. Specialised in brain research in models of neurodegenerative diseases. Passionate about horticulture. The HempEkspert laboratory specialises in the study of hemp and hemp-derived products.

Prelegent na WeedFest w strefie EduZone - Jacek Magnuszewski

Jacek Magnuszewski

Co-founder of EraKonopi.pl, media and marketing specialist, owner of a creative agency. Formerly associated with a spectacularly successful brand in the retail market. Over 25 years of experience in building successful brands.

Prelegent na WeedFest w strefie EduZone -Jarosław Stadnik

Jarosław Stadnik

Editor-in-chief of www.medycznamarihuana.com and www.konopie.info.pl From 2008 to 2018 he suffered from ulcerative colitis which led him to seek alternative treatments. Natural building promoter including owner of the company GlinoDom Natural Building

Prelegent na WeedFest w strefie EduZone - Jolanta Różycka

Jolanta Różycka

Hemp consultant. Biologist, biochemist, promoter of the medicinal use of hemp in Poland, host of the lecture series "Konopie na zdrowie". Scientific consultant for hemp at OLIHEMP, co-founder of the Polish Association of Hemp Producers and Processors.

Prelegent na WeedFest w strefie EduZone -Maciej Kowalski

Maciej Kowalski

Hemp farmer and entrepreneur, founder and president of the Hemp Combine. A practitioner in the hemp industry for more than a dozen years, he popularises knowledge of hemp cultivation, processing and use.

Prelegent na WeedFest w strefie EduZone - Maciej Pawłowski

Maciej Pawłowski

Activist, journalist, counsellor and entrepreneur and creator of the first self-sufficient hemp village in Poland.

Since 2006 publisher on major radio and TV stations. Since 2010 hemp enthusiast, founder and owner of MedycynaCBD and ClinicaCBD. Editor-in-chief at HemPress, as well as lecturer in two hemp subjects at a post-secondary school and a university.

Prelegent na WeedFest w strefie EduZone -Maciej Sagal

Maciej Sagal

Businessman and visionary, with a strongly analytical view of business. Co-owner of LiRoyal™, KingAPP® and HUBBurger.com.

Prelegent na WeedFest w strefie EduZone - Małgorzata Szakuła

Małgorzata Szakuła

She runs the blog smilingspoon.co.uk where she posts a variety of hemp recipes. A few years ago, she published a book entitled 'Hemp in the Kitchen'. In the meantime, she conducts workshops and lectures on hemp cuisine.

Prelegent na WeedFest w strefie EduZone -Marcin Marczak

Marcin Marczak

Expert in cannabis cultivation and processing, a biotechnologist by training with research experience gained at international research centres in Denmark, and the USA. He has 12 years experience in the cannabis industry, 8 years experience in biorefinery and biotechnology, 5 years in process optimisation and 3 years experience in risk modelling and IT infrastructure design.

Prelegent na WeedFest w strefie EduZone - Marek Klein

DR Marek Klein

Doctor of Technical Sciences. Graduate of the Faculty of Chemistry, Gdansk University of Technology. Court expert at the Regional Court in Gdańsk in the field of chemistry, chemical industry, drugs. Owner of EkotechLAB and Cannalabs research and development laboratory.

Prelegent na WeedFest w strefie EduZone -Marta Łanoch

Marta Łanoch

Founder of the law firm FoodMedLaw specialising in food, pharmaceutical and cosmetic law. Creates a modern legal practice tailored to the needs of entrepreneurs. Enthusiastic about the issue of hemp and CBD use in foodstuffs, cosmetics and other products.

Prelegent na WeedFest w strefie EduZone - Marzena Łasińska

Marzena Łasińska

Pharmacist by training and founder of the Medican Campus Training Institution. Expert actively participating in medical and training panels on the knowledge of the use of cannabis in medicine.

I have many years of experience acquired since 2014 through direct contact with patients using cannabis therapy in the Netherlands and Poland

Prelegent na WeedFest w strefie EduZone -Michał Tabaka

Michał Tabaka

Journalist for 25 years. For more than 3 years he has been associated with the Spider's Web group, specifically with the Bizblog.pl editorial team. He covers a wide range of economic topics. He also writes, among other things, about cannabis policy, including that concerning both medical and recreational cannabis.

Prelegent na WeedFest w strefie EduZone - Mike Wise

Mike Wise

He started growing cannabis in 2005 before being arrested and spending two years in a Texas prison during a pre-trial for a crime he did not commit. In 2014, he moved to Colorado and filmed: "Illegally Alive", a documentary focusing on several families who uprooted their lives to gain access to medical cannabis for their children.

Prelegent na WeedFest w strefie EduZone -Paweł Leśniański

Paweł Leśniański

Activist and hemp activist for over ten years, organiser of thousands of hemp liberation marches, author of numerous hemp-themed projects, master grower, photographer. Currently editor-in-chief of one of the leading Polish hemp portals - WeedNews.pl, as well as mastergrower and advisor at Agrihemp Holding.

Prelegent na WeedFest w strefie EduZone - Piotr "Liroy"Marzec

Piotr "Liroy"Marzec

Artist, musician, politician, entrepreneur. He led to the almost unanimous adoption by MPs of a law that legalised medical marijuana in Poland. His adventure with cannabis began as a child, when those closest to him instilled in him a love of cannabis and how important it is for humanity.

Prelegent na WeedFest w strefie EduZone -Samia Al-Hameri

Samia Al-Hameri

Pharmacist, known as the Hemp Doctor. Conducts workshops, trainings and conferences on hemp medicine. Project leader for the introduction of the first medical hemp-based product to Poland. Expert in hemp medicine and author of the first training schedule in Poland dedicated to doctors and pharmacists. Responsible for the education of medical staff and patients.