GrowZone Lineup 2023

Saturday 27.05.2023


Basics and an introduction to indoor growing [PL]


The impact and importance of the light spectrum for plants - led by Christopher Dobrynin of Bilberry [PL]


The old and new school of growing herbs or HPS vs LED lighting [PL]

17:00 - Daniel Rzepka (PERFAND LED)

"Light modulation - or new eco-friendly technologies for lighting plants". [PL]

18:00 - Mateusz Krain (Bilberry)

"What to look for when choosing energy-efficient lighting for growing plants". [PL]

Sunday 28.05.2023


basics of growing cannabis outdoors (outdoor) [PL]


Organic or mineral - which type of fertilizer to choose for your crop [PL]


Growing hemp: the most common myths and mistakes [PL]

The Growers Zone at last year's WeedFest proved to be a hit. During all the trainings, which lasted for two days, all the seats were occupied, and some of the visitors to the event showed up precisely because of the Growers Zone and the trainings held, where they could gain valuable knowledge.

This year, we guarantee that it will be even more interesting, and the trainings will hook on a wide spectrum of topics related to cultivation.

During WedFest Warsaw 2023 at the grower zone, you will learn a lot about the revolution in lighting for growing cannabis indoors and illuminated greenhouses. Among other things, representatives of Polish lamp manufacturer Bilberry will talk about everything you need to know about the light spectrum for growing and what's involved. You will also learn about the ongoing revolution in growing under lighting, which is due to the advent of high-quality and efficient LED lamps.

Responsible for the Cultivation Zone and leading most of the trainings will be, as in the previous year - Pawel "Teone" Lesniański, a grower with several years of experience in both indoor and outdoor cultivation, for several years a master grower on large-scale indoor crops, Lecturer on "indoor cannabis cultivation" at the first Polish hemp studios, advisor and hemp expert, as well as editor-in-chief of one of the leading Polish hemp portals -

*The lectures held in the GrowZone are informative and educational and are intended for Polish-speaking European citizens. We would like to remind you that the cultivation of non-fiber hemp in Poland is prohibited and is not encouraged. We would also like to remind you that as of this year, fibrous hemp grown in a garden or apartment only needs to be reported to the NEPA.