During our fair, the competition part must not be missing either. That is why we have prepared a series of prizes and competitions for the entire hemp industry and our visitors, in which all companies in the hemp industry from the country and the world can take part, and the awards will be summoned by the audience gathered at our fair, but not only.

The Hemp Cup

Awarded for the Best CBD Dried in Poland. You can take part in The Hemp Cup in two categories:

- The category "Best Dry in Poland" awarded by our jury.

- The category "Best dried according to the public" awarded by the public itself gathered during WeedFest '23.

Read the terms and conditions of participation and register your participation.

Miss&Mister WeedFest

From 2021, WeedFest will also be awarding prizes for Miss and Mister of the event. Each year, our competition is becoming more and more popular, both among the contestants, but also among those who cast their votes for our Miss and Mister WeedFest contenders.

It is also an ideal opportunity for companies who want to expose their brand through a partnership during the competition.

Want to take part in the competition? Apply today.

WeedFest Stand Award

With a one-year break, we are returning to our WeedFest Best Stand Award. In 2021, we awarded the first prize for Best Stand at WeedFest. The winner then was WEEDTAXI.

This year (after our one-year break) we are back with our award for Best Stand during WeedFest!