It remains to the best event of the year!

WeedFest Warsaw Festiwal

This is a new point on the festival map of Warsaw, which will definitely stay on the calendar for every supporter of medicinal (but not only) properties of cannabis.

After great first edition, we decided to make another vol. Better, Bigger, Louder!

We are pleased to invite everyone, both visitors and exhibitors, to take part in the second edition of the WeedFest Warsaw 2021.

WeedFest Warsaw  is nothing more than a festival related to the broadly understood hemp industry. We want our festival to include a very wide range of products and services related to hemp.
As you know well, cannabis can be used in many areas of our lives, including in medicine or cosmetics.

Starting from dried CBD oils, through cosmetics, ointments or infusions containing hemp extracts. They soothe external and internal ailments of our body.

In addition, cannabis can be successfully used in the textile, construction and food industries.

The plant has a lot of applications that we want to present to our visitors during WeedFest Warsaw.

Education and attractions

We have prepared a lot of attractions for our visitors, but we also want the Festival to be an educational place. Therefore, we want to organize lectures at the WeedFest Warsaw Festival with experts from our fields in the hemp industry:
  • medical
  • cosmetic,
  • clothing,
  • construction,
  • food,
  • industrial,
  • Articles for animals.

Soon we will present the exact schedule with the speakers.
Myślący człowiek z liściem konopnym zamiast głowy

Who will we meet at the festival?

All from the hemp industry who believe and know that their product is the best and unique.
In particular, producers and distributors:
  • CBD oils and dried herbs,
  • seeds,
  • Cosmetics, ointments, creams,
  • Indoor breeding systems,
  • Clothing manufacturers,
  • Representatives of the construction industry (from hemp),
  • Food, drinks and teas,
  • Hemp accessories and gadgets,
  • Preparations with CBD for animals,

O nas

WeedFest Warsaw tym razem pod zmienioną formą, ale wciąż handlowo-szkoleniową, gdzie znajdziecie mnóstwo atrakcji związanych z konopiami. Przyjdź i sam się przekonaj! Na pewno nie pożałujesz!


Potrzebujesz dodatkowych informacji, bądź chcesz zostać wystawcą na WeedFest? Skontaktuj się z nami poprzez email: weed@weedfest.pl


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